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SURE-thing Palletizer Solutions

Fast & flexible configuration.

Are pallets a major part of your manufacturing process? A robot control system with a built-in palletizing function makes it possible to load and unload an object without spending a lot of time on training employees. Integrated Packaging Machinery can help your business integrate extremely versatile solutions for robotic palletizing of medium to heavy loads.

Benefits of Robotic Palletizing Systems

These system solutions offer more features and benefits than other palletizing equipment. Robotic palletizers are efficient and allow a flexible configuration that shortens start-up and installation times. These systems can form multiple layers on a pallet and can handle one or more units at a time depending on the pallet configuration.

These robotic systems integrate easily with your company’s existing layout for an installation that works. To give you a better idea of whether one of these system solutions are right for your business, here’s a summary of its features and benefits:

  • They can handle a wide range of product shapes and packaging types
  • They can eliminate damaged packages due to gentle product handling and adaptive gripping
  • The provide accurate palletizing with safe product gripping, including with pallets that have holes and gaps in the pattern
  • High standardization results in a reduction of costs
  • They are scalable systems that can adapt to your production needs, including fast, easy and automated switch-over to accommodate varying package types and dimensions


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Palletizing Solutions at Work!

Integrated Packaging Machinery palletizing robots can handle up to four different case lines and our engineers can integrate robots into your current facility. Robotic palletizers use intelligent palletizing software to ensure easy and efficient operations. Our robots integrate easily with your company’s existing layout for an installation that works.

Why Choose IPM?

From design and implementation, to installation and on-going maintenance, a palletizing system from IPM will ensure that your facilities automation line is operating smoothly. If you are interested in learning more about our products and solutions, contact us today at (616) 531-7758 for more information or fill out our online form to request a quote.