Design Engineering

Uptime is the only time that matters!

Design Engineering is Strategic

Scope Freeze Isn’t Easy. But it is Imperative.

It takes a knowledgeable engineer to design an integrated food or beverage packaging line synched to a customers’ process strategy. It takes a smart engineer to ask all the right questions before jumping to scope freeze. It takes a brave engineer to probe for all the necessary answers. It takes a forward-looking customer to define strategic project scope freeze and implement a commercially successful food packaging system strategy. Contact IPM and tell us about your next project.

Design Engineering Food Packaging Integration

Our Commitment to You

We’re committed to helping you achieve the uptime you need to compete. So whether the scope you assign to us is a fully integrated packaging system or a project-specific system subset like a new pallet conveyor design, a faster case packer, or a robotic palletizer, call us. We’re committed to designing uptime and runnability into each stage of your packaging strategy.

Obviously, your goal is maximum food or beverage packaging system uptime under all targeted conditions. The task you give us is twofold: First to specify the optimal array of packaging technology and equipment to ensure uptime under those conditions. And second; to ensure that system runnability is seamless, predictable and a fundamental component of the packaging solution.


Expert & Strategic Packaging Systems

A food or beverage packaging system is a strategy running at speed. It’s a complex mix of food safety imperatives, wash-down processes, sequence priorities, OEE calculations, product types, package sizes and types, space, physics, technology, automation, control, accumulation, utilities, line speed, precision, and a specialists’ know-how.

If the design is inexpertly conceived, budgeted and managed the intended outcomes will fall short of goals. An imperfect specification of unmatched equipment and technology won’t meet your uptime expectations and can’t be retrofitted quickly or inexpensively.


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