Line Audit/Assessment

Uptime is the only time that matters!

Project Goals Assessment & Line Audit are Fundamental

You Need to Know What You Have Before You Can Budget for What You Need.

We’ve all seen projects that go south for lack of a pre-project situation audit. The big goals are always front and center. They almost always revolve around profitability and customer satisfaction. As well they should. But they’re often so dominant and appealing that they inadvertently derail focus on the second and third tier prerequisites.

Prerequisites For a Successful Project

It can be a redundant process but short-circuiting the assessment phase seldom pays off. Assuming that optimal uptime and system runnability are inherent in project selection – here are some of the Goals Assessment and Line Audit prerequisites we’ll help you bake into your pre-project planning, specifying, budgeting, and scheduling:

Food Packaging Line Audit Assessment
  1. Is there a rational way to balance production across multiple, new or existing lines
  2. Optimize projected line speeds through various conveyor and machine center configurations
  3. Analyze equipment and technology options impacting available capital
  4. Document impact of all SKU batch times and flow rates to minimize changeovers
  5. Project potential bottlenecks, workarounds, technology upgrades to optimize OEE
  6. Document the potential upsides / tradeoffs that come with high-speed automation vs redundant equipment
  7. Project the benefits of accumulation early in the integrated line or buffer locations downstream
  8. Anticipate and debug integrated packaging machinery and system control issues
  9. Analyze and optimize footprint, headroom and preempt process and workflow clashes
  10. Anticipate personnel needs and begin early to recommend and organize training tools and processes


Pre-Project Workshops Streamline Improved Project Outcomes

As part of the Project Goals Assessment Process, IPM is equipped to facilitate a pre-project workshop at your plant. A lot can be learned, and a lot of heartburn can be avoided by engaging project and process experts early and in-depth.

The participants typically include some mix of operators, plant maintenance, shipping and logistics, raw materials, finance, plant engineering and plant management. We’ll help uncover risks. We’ll help document pros and cons. And we’ll help streamline stakeholder engagement to every level.


Michigan Dairy Packaging Line Audit Assessment