Controls Engineering

Uptime is the only time that matters!

Controls Engineering is Vital.

Is your packaging system behaving?

Controls engineering at IPM focuses on the modeling and implementation of a diverse range of integrated food packaging systems and the design of PLC controllers that will cause these systems to behave and perform in a way to deliver optimal uptime on your food and beverage packaging line.

Dairy Packaging Integration Controls Engineering

Integrated Food Packaging Systems Engineering & Automation Specialists.

IPM is a nationally-recognized food and beverage packaging systems solutions integrator providing a full-range of services for the aseptic, ESL, cheese, fluid milk, yogurt, cultured products, and for the frozen meat and seafood, fruit and vegetable industries.

Our deliverable is vendor-neutral and synched exclusively to the preferences of our customer and the scope of the project. Our scope typically includes a project-specific combination of product line controls design and engineering, control system integration, start-up and commissioning, data historian, lifecycle management, and, controls and automation project management.