Is Your Packaging Operation Ready For Automation?

Food Packaging Operation Automation Integration

Is Your Packaging Operation Ready For Automation?

As a business that requires packaging, you may wonder if you are ready to move to the next step and automate your production line. There are some signs that it may be time to add automation to your packaging operation to help labor costs, efficiency, and workforce issues.

However, make sure you evaluate your business thoroughly before you make the decision. While automation is a worthwhile investment, it is a big investment. Starting this before your company can handle it will be a financial problem that may cause long term concerns. If you aren’t sure after reading this article, contact us here to consult with our experts.

Signs Your Packaging Operation Needs Automation

Are You Working Beyond Capacity?

If you feel like your hands are tied and you keep turning down contracts or bigger purchase orders than that may be a sign that automation is in your future. Losing contracts or not being able to keep up the demand for your current client list will cause problems for your business.

While this is not the only sign that you need to automate, if there are other signs then you might want to really decide what part of your process would benefit most from production line automation.

Can’t Hire Enough People?

If you keep hiring people but it isn’t cutting it then you might need some machine-based help. Or if you just simply can’t find people that will apply that could also become an issue. You need to get your product out of the warehouse and if you don’t have the manpower to do it then it is time to turn to automation.

While we don’t want jobs to be taken from people and given to machines you still need to run your business.

Are Your Labor Costs on The Rise?

Are you labor costs doing nothing but going up? Are you afraid that they will sink your company because not only are labor costs going up but you still can’t keep up with demand? Automation can solve both of those problems.

Automating doesn’t mean you lay off your existing employees. It means that you increase production and profit while redistributing your labor force to more value-added positions. Business is changing with the availability of technology and your business needs to change with it to compete.

Is There Production Line Waste?

Production line waste adds up to one thing, loss of profit. Human beings tend to be human and make mistakes that contribute to this waste. If you want to maintain the ability to employ people and have a business, the waste has to be at a minimum.

Automation is something that can greatly improve this situation. If you are noticing a lot of waste in your production, contact IPM today to discuss what our business can do about that.

Could Order Accuracy Be Improved?

Order accuracy is really something that can make or break a company. If there are orders going out wrong often then that can mean one thing. Dissatisfied clients and customers. That means more waste and loss of profit and possibly contracts. This is an issue that can be addressed with an automated production line.

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