How To Save Space With Conveyor Belt Supports

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How To Save Space With Conveyor Belt Supports

If your company is thinking about installing a conveyor belt as part of the process of automating your production line then you might be looking for ways to save space. A conveyor belt typically takes up a lot of production floor real estate but there are things that can be done to make up for this lost room. The two traditional ways of supporting a conveyor belt also may not be an option for your space.

The typical conveyor belt supports are floor or ceiling supports. If there isn’t the space needed available to use traditional supports then these other three options might be of help to you. While only one may work it is possible that all three may be utilized at different parts of the belt system.

3 Great Options to Save Space

So what are the alternatives to the normal conveyor belt supports and what are the pros and cons of each? Once you know what they are you will be able to speak to your customer rep or your technician to find out if any of these space savers will work for your belt system.

Under Trussing

During the process of deciding whether or not you want to or can install a conveyor belt system in your production line, you may have found yourself concerned about space. Maybe there is a span of space that really can’t have any floor or ceiling support and you are concerned about the belt falling or being too flimsy. That is where under trussing comes in.

Under trussing a technique that is not only used for conveyor belts but also for many other structures that need support. In fact, you may have seen them on bridges or roofs. This kind of support can actually replace both ceiling and floor supports freeing up a ton of space while making sure the belt system is safe and secure.

This system is installed under a section of the belt and includes smaller versions of strongbacks so a great section can be supported by one section of trussing.

Joint Supports

These are angles that are used at joint corners to make the structure stronger. But they are used in a specific capacity. While they can be used internally or externally they are only typically used when the placement of the conveyor system is not ideal. The best way to place conveyor support is to have it on the bed joints. When they can’t happen the joint support angles are used for added support.


While we mentioned using these with the under trussing system they can be used independently. Strongbacks are used typically in 20-foot increments or at a conveyor’s joint when a ceiling or floor support can not be used. They can also simply be used to save space.

They are used in 20-foot increments because the conveyor sections are made in 10-foot pieces. If you had floor or ceiling supports every 10 feet that would take a ton of space and make everything incredibly crowded. That is where strongbacks come in to clear things up and add great support for a secure structure.

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