How To Coordinate Your Conveyor Systems

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How To Coordinate Your Conveyor Systems

If you have a manufacturing company that needs a conveyor system then it is pretty likely that your company is big enough to need multiple conveyor systems. While you don’t need to have the same type of conveyor for each part of the line, you will need to coordinate them so your line functions properly.

If you want to successfully coordinate your conveyor system for maximum use then you will need to think through the process. You can also talk to your local conveyor systems manufacturer to ask specific questions. They also have a lot of experience with coordinating systems so they may have some advice or tips as well.

We did some brainstorming and came up with some key questions to ask yourself as you think through the coordination of your conveyor line. There are other things that you may need to consider but these questions will help get you started.

Questions to Ask When Coordinating Conveyors

There are several questions that you need to ask yourself and possibly your leadership team as you start this process. The answers to these questions will help your sales rep determine what the best solution is to your problem. Continue reading to learn more.

What Happens Before the Conveyor?

The first thing you need to ask is what happens with the product before they hit the first part of the conveyor system. Is the bottle capped? Is the prepared food but in the packages? Is the product labeled?

This is important because it can determine what conveyor belt you will need as well as how it needs to function once the product is on it.

What Happens After the Conveyor?

The next thing that matters is what happens once the product has left the conveyor belt. Where is it going? What is the next step on the assembly or packaging line? While these questions may seem useless the answer is important.

When trying to determine the best way to put a conveyor system together is to know what is happening in all parts of the production line. You have to look at the big picture before looking at the individual parts.

What Products Are You Moving?

Here is another important question. What products are you moving? There are several different types of conveyors that you can purchase and you could get different belts for different parts of the line but you have to know what product is moving. If you have open bottles of soda on one part of the line then you will want a smooth running belted system, not something that jostles the product. You will know what you are moving but your rep can’t make an accurate recommendation without the answer to this question.

How Fast Do the Conveyors Need to Go?

Speed is an important factor. Some conveyors move slower than others for very good reasons. So one part of your line might move fast while others move slow. For example, the last belt on the line might move much faster than the first belt that has open containers on it.

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