How Robotic Palletizers Can Improve Productivity

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How Robotic Palletizers Can Improve Productivity

Productivity and efficiency are the foundation of your business success and seeking ways to reduce costs while accomplishing both these aspects is a common goal. That is why we want to share important information about how robotic palletizers can benefit your business. With all the technological advances and consumer demands consistently increasing, it is more important than ever to optimize production and packaging.

What Is a Robotic Palletizer?

Robotic Palletizers are not new, as they have been in existence for more than 30 years. This system is designed to remove products from the conveyor and place them on a pallet. Equipped to handle an array of items, the End-of-Arm Tool (EoAT) is customized for the specific needs of a company, which may range from metering cases, as well as applying slip sheets, integrating an automatic stretch wrapper, or safety devices including barriers or illuminated curtains. Additionally, the robotic palletizing systems are programmed to move and dispense pallets as needed, whether that means delivering a single pallet or multiple pallets simultaneously.

Benefits of A Palletizing Robot

Whether you manufacture large quantities of small items, or products that are large and bulky, the robotic palletizer can withstand much more weight and substantially reduce the time required of the manual process. Check out the following details to gain a better understanding of how robotic palletizers increase speed, improve quality, and improve efficiency.

  • Speed: While the speed of the robotic palletizer varies based on the products being handled, it will far exceed the abilities of manual labor and will also reduce health issues related to the monotonous task.
  • Maintenance: There is less maintenance required with the robotic palletizer, which results in reduced downtime. The delivery of quality and reliability of this automation versus the natural variances of people is incomparable.
  • Footprint: The size of equipment will vary based on what your business requires, but the options for custom-design, space flexibility and safety standards can equate to a significantly smaller carbon footprint, making it environmentally friendly.
  • Versatility: Since palletizers handle one product at a time, it is easier to compact the products on a single pallet.
  • Improved Packaging Options: Whether your assembly line involves palletizing bags, pails, trays, cartons, or bottles; regardless of production or material demands, the robotic palletizer can deliver.

Once you transition to this solution, you will have the freedom to utilize talented staff members to focus on more important matters that will benefit future growth.

The robotic palletizer can operate around the clock, eliminate downtime due to staffing shortages, and reduce the risk of health issues among employees by allowing you to automate repetitive tasks. From improving productivity on the assembly line to boosting efficiency and quality in packaging, the automation process can be customized to suit your needs and budget.

Advantages Of A Robotic Palletizer

Bottom line, robotic palletizers will help improve your business’s profit margin and work environment substantially. If you are interested in learning more about our packaging products and solutions, contact us today at (616) 531-7758 for more information or fill out our online form to request a quote.