How Digitization is Changing the Conveyor System

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How Digitization is Changing the Conveyor System

The world we live in is a digital one and it is here to stay. There is no way around the fact that we use technology and digital capabilities in nearly every aspect of our lives. Why should conveyor systems be any different? The conveyor system is a large part of the manufacturing process and often when that breaks down the whole process stops until it is fixed. Because of the role that the conveyor system plays, it is a perfect piece to digitize. Keep reading to learn how digitization is changing the conveyor system.

Digitization & Conveyor Systems

Why Digitize?

The big question is why digitize? That is a fair question especially since it seems like the conveyor systems are doing fine without being digitized. Well just because it isn’t broken doesn’t mean we can’t improve it.

The conveyor system is comparable to the circulatory system. While we don’t really think about what it is doing while it is working well, we certainly notice when something is broken. When we digitize the conveyor system we can see the warning signs in the beginning. Because the symptoms of a problem are so subtle they are often missed until the entire system breaks. Digitizing can prevent this from happening by giving the warning signs early.

Variable Speeds

One of the other benefits of having a digitized system is that we can control the speed. On the older systems that are not digital, they only have two speeds, off and on. That doesn’t always work for the manufacturing process. Maybe we need to slow things down for a time while we fix something down the line but we don’t want to stop completely.

Other times you might need to catch up on an order and need to speed up a little bit. Those things are possible with digital systems. This gives the manufacturer a greater level of control in the process. Having access to different speeds can help the company production levels and efficiency but also the variable-frequency drives that are used in the motors can help catch maintenance problems. Which brings us to our next benefit.


Digitizing the whole conveyor line will help with preventative maintenance as well as catching problems as they are starting. Often when something goes wrong there are very subtle indicators that can be missed until they become a huge problem. However, the motors that are used to digitize have VFDs in them. This is where the problems can manifest first.

By watching these and keeping an eye on what they are doing digitally they can alert you to problems that are just starting. This has the potential to change the whole maintenance process for the better.

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