Competing in The Automated Production Industry

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Competing in The Automated Production Industry

Competing in the automated production industry? Staying competitive in this business is something that most companies are striving for. This isn’t easy with how fast technology changes, however, you can use it to your advantage. There is one main way that you can stay competitive as the industry changes with the times. Automation is the key to competing on a higher level with other manufacturers. While this may seem like an obvious thing, most people think that speed is what they need more than automation. Both are important but if you could only choose one we would advise you to choose automation.

Staying Competitive with Automated Production

It is a general idea that the faster you can produce products and get them packaged on the line the more money you will make. This isn’t wrong thinking, just incomplete thinking. If you only focus on speed and not the automation side of the process and how to make it more efficient then you are missing a piece of the puzzle.

And automation is an important piece. If your line isn’t functioning at its highest level of efficiency then the speed won’t matter. Your line will be fast but inefficient.

How to Stay Competitive?

So if speed isn’t the answer alone then how do companies stay competitive? There is a way to find out how efficient your line is and where the deficits are. This is your first step to competing and competing well.

Efficiency Audit

Your first action needs to be an efficiency audit. This may sound like a tedious evaluation but it will tell you more about your conveyor line and what it needs to automate in an efficient way. Efficiency is the key to high volumes of production.

While you can do an efficiency audit yourself, the best way to do this is to hire a professional. Choose a trustworthy and knowledgeable packaging systems integrator like IPM to do your audit. This way the results will be accurate and unbiased.

Why Have an Efficiency Audit?

But why do you even need an efficiency audit? There is one really large reason to get an efficiency audit. If you want to be competitive with your production line using automation you need to understand one important thing. You need to understand how the different parts of the system work with each other. If there are missteps along the production line then your system is not going to be efficient. This will also tell you what parts of your line need tweaked or need new automation.

An audit can also show you if there is any production time that is wasted on the line. Wasted time is not profitable and will not help your company become competitive. If you truly want to be a competitive producer then you should have an efficiency audit. If your company is ready to automate and compete on a different level then let IPM help. Call us today to talk about the options for your company and production line.

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