All About Inspection Systems & Machine Vision

Food Packaging Inspection Systems

All About Inspection Systems & Machine Vision

Similar to the way human inspectors review details to ensure quality in a variety of ways, vision inspection systems do the same, but at a faster rate and an increased amount of accuracy. This is achieved by the use of hardware and software applications and cameras designed to detect the slightest defects or irregularities of products.

For instance, vision inspection systems, also known as machine vision, are capable of reading thousands of serial numbers, calculating precise measurements, sorting and counting, in mere minutes. Moreover, when the manufacturing environment requires a contaminant free environment or poses hazards to humans, these automated systems are ideal.

Intro To Inspection Systems

How These Systems Work

These systems are equipped with one or more cameras, programmed to do a variety of functions. Such tasks include measuring, packing, calculating, gathering data, and recording video and images. Programming options may also include pass/fail AI-based decisions and real-time informational data streams.

How These Systems Can Be Applied

Vision inspection systems are beneficial in a wide range of industries, especially when high volume and quality production are crucial. These systems can be integrated with robotic processes that involve correctly positioning parts for packaging or assembly, to ensure the efficient manufacturing of items from beginning to end. Also, if within the process, any malfunctions or inferior products are detected, production stops, which further increases quality, thus protecting a company’s reputation.

With the ability to incorporate a variety of technologies to meet the needs of industry demands, the customization options available for machine vision are abundant. Industries focused on high volume and quality, such as food and beverage, automotive, consumer products, and pharmaceuticals rely heavily on vision inspection systems. Likewise, when the most infinitesimal measurement or precise detail matters, such as with prescription medications, medical imaging, and science applications, vision inspection systems provide that extra layer of accuracy and security.

Benefits of Vision Inspection Systems

In addition to increasing accuracy, speed, and efficiency, vision inspection systems offer an array of other benefits. For instance, maintenance and downtime is greatly reduced because preventive measures are pre-programmed into the system. Also, the repetitive tasks that are performed automatically far exceed what humans are physically capable of. This saves time and money, not to mention the reduction in floor space required of the system versus a worker to achieve the same end result.

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