6 Trends In Conveyor Packaging Systems

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6 Trends In Conveyor Packaging Systems

Conveyor packaging systems support the way manufacturers move materials at every stage of production, and have been an essential part of a lot of companies for a long time. We’ve come a long way since this technology was introduced the first time a century ago, but what’s more exciting isn’t the journey from then until now. It’s where this technology is headed!

Let’s, therefore, look at 6 conveyor systems trends you might want to look into.

Conveyor Packaging Systems Trends

1.) Quiet Operation

The image of a loud and noisy hall may become more and more obsolete, as new conveyor systems are beginning to adopt quiet powered rollers. This improves worker communication and streamlines production.

But it’s not just some peace and quiet that their rollers offer – they are also a lot more energy-efficient, which can cut down power costs.

2.) More Simplicity

Automation isn’t always about performing very complex processes by machines alone. In fact, a simple belt or roller conveyor can be just as beneficial, and bring about impressive results. Focusing on simpler conveyors makes them more accessible to smaller companies with less money to spend on such technology.

3.) Robotic Applications

Robotics will continue to be a part of the manufacturing process, and their application to conveyors is a given. One solution that’s increasing in popularity already is the pallet conveyor system. It’s a great option when you need precise movements and exact positionings of various elements.

These systems can be programmed to start and stop at precise moments, and even sync with other robotic tools or programs the company has.

4.) Retrofitted Systems

Conveyor manufacturers are beginning to develop retrofit kits that can convert some existing roller conveyors to motorized systems that are more efficient. Sort of like an upgrade you’d receive on an app for your phone.

This saves a lot of time and hassle on the company’s part whenever they need to switch to a new conveyor system, and can even be a cost-effective move.

5.) Advanced Capability Through the Right Materials

Conveyor designers and manufacturers are looking to integrate more advanced materials into conveyor technology. You may have already heard about conveyors using food-grade belts to help food manufacturers remain in compliance with FDA regulations.

These belts are made using bacteria-resistant materials and are able to detect residue and notify staff when the load must be checked.

6.) Eco-Friendly Conveyors

There is a definite need to start designing eco-friendly conveyors, and not just in terms of government regulations that will likely focus more on this factor in the following years. The consumer’s buying preferences also seem to shift towards companies that are environmentally-conscious as well. The result will likely be a surge in energy-efficient systems.

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