Traditional End of Arm Tooling on palletizing robots uses compression, vacuums, or forks to lift packaging onto a pallet.

 But what if the product is unique?

What if the product is a 3-gallon tub of soft ice cream?

You can’t use compression; it would squish the soft tub.

You can’t use a vacuum; it would pull off the lid.

You can’t use a fork; it’s too slow and inaccurate. Plus, it can drop or puncture product.

No one likes a mess.

And ice cream on the floor is just plain depressing.

Integrated Packaging Machinery (IPM) designed a custom End of Arm Tool (EOAT) which uses a bottom base lip to grab with a pusher release. It provides faster placement than a fork EOAT, and it has a faster pick, because it just catches the bottom base lip. It can transport four 3-gallon tubs at a time, carefully arranging them on a pallet in accordance with the plant’s specific pattern.

 Hudsonville ice Cream is the first to utilize IPM’s custom EOAT for their 3-gallon ice cream product. Unlike their pints and scrounds, the 3-gallon tubs do not go through a deep freeze prior to palletization. They arrive at the palletizing robot soft, easy to squeeze or puncture. The IPM custom EOAT was the perfect solution to quickly and effectively palletize Hudsonville’s delicious 3-gallon tubs.

And they sure need to be quick.

The faster they make it to your local ice cream shop, the better.