How Conveyors Improve Packaging Efficiency

How Conveyors Improve Packaging Efficiency

How Conveyors Improve Packaging Efficiency

When conveyors were first introduced to the market, the primary function was to move goods from point A to point B more efficiently. However, the conveyor systems available today are an integral part of high volume industries, capable of saving time, energy, and space, reducing risks and improving quality. From weighing and sorting products to monitoring load capacity and everything in between, the advanced technology in today’s conveyors can make a positive impact on your profit margin.

5 Ways Conveyors Improve Packaging Efficiency

Here are the top five ways that conveyor systems increase packaging methods:

#1 Increases Goods Production

In comparison to manual labor, conveyor systems can move goods from one place to another more efficiently. This significantly reduces manual overhead costs while increasing output and income.

#2 Reduces Risks

Because conveyor systems are designed to relieve workers of repetitive motion, heavy lifting, and being exposed to dangerous equipment, the risk of injury and mishaps is greatly reduced. This automated process frees up employee time to be better utilized in other, more productive areas, thus increasing employee safety and engagement.

#3 More Energy Efficient

The speed at which conveyor systems move and package goods translates to lower daily operating expenses including fewer errors, faster production and saving energy. Not only does this reduce the carbon footprint of your business, it increases ROI.

#4 Space Saving

Square footage and usable floor space is premium when it comes to manufacturing, packaging, and distribution services. Whereas an assembly line of workers requires a significant amount of floor space, a conveyor system can be tailored to fit the specific layout of a facility, while maneuvering around obstacles and utilizing overhead and vertical space. This frees up surface areas for other tasks.

#5 Improved Precision

Undoubtedly, dedicated workers do their very best to provide quality work, but human error and physical limitations will always be an obstacle. However, with the right conveyor system that has been specifically designed to accommodate your packaging and production needs, rest assured the quality and delivery of each item will be identically precise.

Additionally, those daily manufacturing expectations will not fluctuate due to employee sickness or absence. Automated systems provide data feedback that enables you to identify issues and tweak where necessary.

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